Influenced by the likes of Bowie, Massive Attack, and Portishead.

She’s a chameleon enigma, unable to fit in a box or genre, but striving

to unleash new dimensions unto the music scene.


XHOANA X takes a dark hit of triphop and reduces, and seduces the blueprint. To a backdrop of scalded and heat-blackened pop, she is vulnerable, cool-eyed, and vengeful.

To be drawn by her black syrup sultry-smooth voice, is to miss the wry glint of its cruelty. XHOANA X is nu-femme fatale glam with a slick gothic Lynchian twist.

Adult pop gloss against carnal. Violence in honey soaked sounds. The desire to belong and the need to stand out, are deep-seated raw-cut conflictions.

As a child in L.A, then a teen in The Bronx, having moved from post-communist Tirana, fitting in was her key to survival. But once you survive, you want more. And when you’ve got the guts, you go get it.

XHOANA X mixes sharp-focused songcraft with classic-noir powerplay and elegance. There’s a brutalist feel to the fever and zeal of the songs and the heat she creates.


Deepest Pleasure

Endless Crime


Paradise Lost

The Great Escape


Slow And Steady



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